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On a mission to add more pink to a (sometimes) grey world.
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27 years ago, on this day ( 1st of May), in the country I was born in, Ayrton Senna lost his life.

A couple of years before his accident, he allegedly saved Erik Comas’s life.

Ayrton had a strong personality, he wasn’t liked by everyone ( but then, who is?). He was a disruptor, he thought with his brain but often acted with his heart, he made many mistakes, and when you become that “famous,” often people forget that you are still a human being.

But he saved someone’s life, instinctually, without thinking of his own safety.

How many of…

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We cannot continue to bury our heads in the sand and just wait until we have no choice but to comply. We might already be extinct by then if we do — #proptech by Richard W J Brown.

. Yet, there are so many technologies out there that the real challenge comes from choosing the most suitable software for your company. …

I joined SALTO Systems recently and the Brick team at Salto KS wrote this lovely welcome post about…. well, yours truly!

It’s actually quite fun…

Introducing Caterina Maiolini, Community and Partnership Manager at SALTO Systems

Last month, the SALTO global network gained a brand new perspective on the meaning of community. The catalyst is one of the newest additions to the team, Community and Partnership Manager for Shared Living and Work Spaces, Caterina Maiolini.

For those familiar with coliving or coworking, this name might ring a bell, as Caterina (also known as Cate) is a pivotal force in both. Her speciality is none other than bringing people together, and she…

At a recent industry event I attended with my colleague and coliving friend Matt Lesniak, we discussed standards and criteria for coliving products and just like that, the term ‘faux-living’ arose and was born!

What is ‘faux-living’ (pronounced ‘fo-living’), you might ask?

From the French word ‘faux’ meaning ‘fake’ ‘forged’ ‘false’ or ‘artificial’, it is a play on words to describe the unfortunately all too common ‘coliving washing’ that we have identified over the years. This ‘coliving washing’ to us is any residential living project that dubs itself coliving without offering many of the essential elements of the coliving offer…

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