The human side we often don’t (want to) see.

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27 years ago, on this day ( 1st of May), in the country I was born in, lost his life.

A couple of years before his accident, he allegedly saved

Ayrton had a strong personality, he wasn’t liked by everyone ( but then, who is?). H, he thought with his brain but often, he made many mistakes, and when you often people forget that you are still a human being.

But he saved someone’s life, instinctually, without thinking of his own safety.

And to me, that is priceless.

How many of us, in similar situations, with much to lose from our side, would not think for a second to intervene and rescue someone else?

The most famous yellow helmet in history

That was his “act with his heart” side because surely his brain would have analysed the situation in a totally different way.

The day Ayrton Senna lost his life is the day He and were both on the podium, a scenery that we would be getting used to see a multitude of times in the years to come. A rivalry and a friendship mixed together of a deep & beautiful nature, perhaps difficult to grasp from the outside.

I have to admit, I never particularly liked Michael, and perhaps one of the reasons is the above. He won the race when, my then idol, just died.
How dare he? How??

Have I held this against him without looking past my own angriness, frustration and blame?
You bet I did.

Until today. Today I decided that perhaps, I should look deeper into this unbelievably skilled driver and let it go. ( Here, feel free to play in the background the …)

So, on a cold morning in Paris, I used my google skills , and it hit me hard.

Young friends — Michael and Mikka

I have no idea what Michael and Mika say in the end; sadly, I do not speak either of their languages. But I can see their emotions, their friendship, and all those memories coming back to them as soon as Ayrton’s name is mentioned.

What I can see is that, however “cold”, these two highly talented drivers have always appeared to be, they are, after all, human beings and I am glad I’m not as blind to it any longer.

Some say that you too, Michael, . Coincidence?


***Schumacher contested 308 races in his career which included 91 Grand Prix wins***

On a mission to add more pink to a (sometimes) grey world.

On a mission to add more pink to a (sometimes) grey world.